Ten Signs of Andh Bhakts you should Never Ignore

Many of us have interacted with Modi Bhakts and got an opportunity to agree and disagree. There are many different flavors of Bhakts. For example, Kam Bhakts are not very expressive and will disengage once someone counters them; Mook Bhakts are generally fence-sitters who will wait for an opportune moment and not engage directly. The third variety is Andh Bhakts, who can go to any extent to support Modi, and mainly they are driven by WhatsApp propaganda messages they receive. They lack the logical ability to isolate facts from fiction and are often aggressive in their behavior. Unlike many other studies I have published, which are based on pure facts, this one is based on observation and dealing with Bhakts closely.

When you challenge Modi or his decisions especially with facts, there are ten signs of Andh Bhakts, which you need to watch out for.

  1. Narrowing of Pupil: Eyes often are the mirror of your mind. The narrowing of Pupil is linked to the emotional stress and mental situation that one goes through. It is often an indication that you are about to do something bizarre as well. One needs to be careful as Andh Bhakts are often unpredictable and can launch an attack. If you see a narrowing of Pupil, maintain a safe distance.
  2. Stretching of Forehead: As a human, you’re equipped with a “fight or flight system. The body responds to severe stress by releasing hormones that activate the nervous system. It leads to changes in the contraction of muscles. This sign indicates violent hormonal changes might be taking place that can result in an explosion.
  3. Heavy Breathing: Heavy breathing is often a sign of anxiety, and often our body needs more oxygen supply to deal with the stress and anxiety. This often is an indication of some violent chemical reactions inside Bhakt’s brain.
  4. Twisted Eyebrows: This change can also be due to a combination of fear, anxiety, and anger, something in all of them together. Most Andh Bhakts consider Modi as the god who can do no wrong. When challenged by facts, they get a mental shock which translates into a combination of emotions that change facial expressions.
  5. Change in facial color: A sudden rush of blood into your face may make it look darker. This happens because of emotional setbacks. WhatsApp downloads create a belief about Modi, and when you dismantle that belief, it leads to physical and emotional changes.
  6. Stiffness in Body: Muscles become stiff due to emotional distress, and often you will see this in combination with the above symptoms. It impacts the whole body and releases chemicals that result in the stiffness of muscles and the body.
  7. Bending of Ears: This may not happen frequently, but in some cases where there is excessive constriction of the forehead, it creates tension in the ears which often bend.
  8. Nostrils Flare: When the heart rate accelerates, the body needs more air, and nostrils expand to allow the lungs to pump more air inside. This is also an animal instinct as animals show teeth and nostrils flare at the same time.
  9. Lip Twitching: Lip twitching can also be caused by general anxiety, or anxiety over something specific, such as a relationship, etc. It is a psychological situation. This is not very common but is observed in a few cases.
  10. Lack of Eye Contacts: This behavior happens when Andh Bhakts lose an argument, they disengage before being abusive. This phenomenon only indicates that the brain is ready for a personal attack or some filthy offensive remark.

If you see two or more of these symptoms appearing, it will make sense to retreat and/or keep a safe distance. Andh Bhakts can often be very weird and may launch an attack without warning. Usually, when they encounter a truth, which differs from what they have been fed on WhatsApp, they go through solid withdrawal symptoms. So whenever you are dealing with Andh Bhakts, leave them with one fact and one question rather than giving too many details, which are hard for them to consume.

There are some open areas for research as well. For example, it has always been widely perceived that hormonal imbalance can lead to andh bhakti, but I could not establish any conclusive evidence so far. Maybe this remains an area of research and work done on Testosterone hormone appears to be promising and further correlated with Andh Bhakti. Testosterone hormone may further help us understand why Andh Bhakti dominates over rational thinking.

The story is based on observations that are anecdotal in nature. This is intended more for humor and fun and not intended to give any serious insights.

I am a researcher, blogger, social worker, activist, and change agent who strives to create social equilibrium and harmony for sustainable development.