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Post-Covid, stress became a norm, and a lot of people went through a difficult period. This is high time we find our work-life balance by reengineering our life using 4R’s — Reinvent, Reimagine, Recover and Rediscover to release our stress.


You cannot control everything. Let go of what you…

We connect with most ordinary people with humble backgrounds during our social work. As a result, we see a different India. While we know humans live in big cities; we often find humanity in ghettos and villages. The picture below prompted me to write this story.

Pic 1: Jyoti and her cart containing dried fish. Her son inaugurated her new venture.

Our NGO is running…

Yesterday when Supreme Court made an observation based on the Solicitor General’s comment that “the cat is out of the bag,” all hell broke loose. BJP and Congress joined hands to launch a scathing attack on their political rival AAP.

AAP’s Fault

AAP has made Stubble Burning a significant issue…

DD Mishra

I am a researcher, blogger, social worker, activist, and change agent who strives to create social equilibrium and harmony for sustainable development.

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